Monday, September 13, 2010

Lost in the Woods WIP

These still need all the embroidery work done, but I'm already loving how they're coming out. The pictures aren't good. It's hard to get good lighting late at night, but the blue of these longies is SO PRETTY! And I totally love how the cuffs came out. Hope the mama agrees!


bridgetgo said...

Amazing! My daughter needs some of those!!!

Miki Biddles said...

Why thank you! :) I like them just the way they are, but they're going to be even more incredible once the embroidery is done... I'm not a fan of embroidery so it's tough to make myself finish it, but it's gonna be pretty :).

Thanks for looking!

thenu said...

I love these pants. Can you please let me know your etsy store name or a way to contact you to get into a custom slot?