Friday, February 25, 2011

My Favorite Super Hero!!!

Anson LOVES to pretend. He loves to be other people. He's hardly ever himself!  He loves to be Woody and make Lucas be Buzz. He loves to be Spiderman, Mr. Incredible, and even Maxwell Smart! (yes... he LOVES the old TV series Get Smart which we have on DVD. He borrows Daddy's suit coats and shoes and stomps around calling Lucas either 99 or Chief and talking into his shoe!) But of course, he loves being Superman most of all. He used to want to go to school dressed in his Superman costume, which of course I didn't want him to do. I let him take it in his back pack a couple of times, but he always came home in it so that wasn't working.  Finally I decided to make him an acceptable alternative. I'm extremely pleased with how it came out, and so is he  :). It's knit in Cascade 220 sport weight,which is a very nice and inexpensive wool that's held up to the abuse of a 5 year old and his 3 year old brother, and it's very comfortable to wear, or so he tells me. It's so gratifying to make something for my own son.  He's totally my super hero.

Unfortunately he hasn't let me take his picture in it yet! So here's his cousin Jack, who's not nearly as camera shy.

Candy Shoppe!

These are the softest, squishiest, most hug-able pair of longies I've ever made. After I bound them off, I carried them around over my shoulder for a while just because they're so soft!!! Unfortunately, the yarn they're made out of (well... the light pink and yellow anyway, which is the softest yarn EVER,especially in terms of squishiness) is discontinued, so it'll get harder and harder to find. It's 100% Merino wool, but is shrink resistant.  It'll still felt if you REALLY try HARD, but for the most part it's washing machine safe. I washed and dried a swatch of it with my towels to see what would happen, and it did shrink just a little bit... after washing AND drying on hot.  Weirdly, the stitches didn't felt, just the yarn, so there was perfect stitch definition,but the yarn itself was felted. I'd love to work with it again.

And seriously, how cute are these!

The mama I made these for was having a really hard time visualizing the colors together so I decided to knit a mini pair of longies to show what some of the colors would look like together. As you can see, they look NOTHING like the finished product, but they're still really cute, so I decided to finish them off and offer them to the mama as a pair of doll pants :).  We tried them on Anson's Buzz Lightyear and they fit like a dream!

Addy also decided she wanted to model these ones, and they're just about a perfect fit, except the rise is kinda short on her. She's such  a petite little thing. I totally lub her.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boy Monster Hat

This is the big brother of the girlie monster hat.  Unfortunately big brother had a horrible cold and wouldn't cooperate for a picture.  I should have gotten one of this on my nephew Jack.  He wanted to keep it SO BAD.  I know what to do for him for Christmas now!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Girly Monster Hat

Look! Isn't she about the cutest thing EVER?!?! Thanks to Lauren for letting me borrow this adorable pic of her baby in this hat :) Yeah... gotta get me a girl! Only I'm pretty darn sure I'll never have one with those pretty brown eyes.

Ella the Elephant BLOOMERS :)