Friday, May 10, 2013

Cowgirl Boots

Not much to say about these, except ADORBS!!!  Man... I really think I need a girl. Made from alpaca and wool with this pattern via Ravelry.

Sleep Sack

I've been doing quite a lot of non diaper related stuff lately.  this is a sleep sack and hat.  It's the snuggliest, nicest thing for a newborn!  I made one for my youngest when he was born.  I was going to make him a blanket, like I did for his brothers, but I ran out of time so I decided to make something small.  This ended up being PERFECT.  I actually used it way more than I used any blanket ever.  He spent most of his first 2-3 months in this sleep sack. he loved it.  It was so cozy and soft, and can't come unwrapped like a blanket.  For the stripes, as usual, I used this random stripe generator. One of my favorite tools. The pattern I used is this one that I found through Ravelry.  Nice, easy pattern.  The only thing I changed was adding a couple of inches to the length.

Here's the one I made for a client:

And here's the one I made for my son... with him in it.

How sweet is he?!  I can't believe how big he is!!

And here he is now.  Where did my baby go?!?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Skullies and Caterpillars

 This mama is going to be sending the caterpillar shorties back to get them lengthened into longies. That is a service I offer for the price of shipping on any longies or shorties as long as the rise still fits.

I lost my skullie pattern and had to re-draw it.  I think it came out pretty good, if just a little big.  The bow tie was a suggestion from my knitting group.  I think they were right :).

I used two different yarns to get the green for the caterpillar.  One was a Cascade 220 wool, the other I can't remember, but it's a baby alpaca lace weight.  I really love how it came out.  And fortunately, I have enough to make a pair for my little guy!

Here's the boy I made the for modeling them.  What a CUTIE!!! I'm jealous of those curls... kinda regretting cutting Jonah's off.

Hallie's Slouchy Hat

My niece's favorite colors are orange and turquoise.  Together, for preference.  She's been asking for a hat for years. I'm such a terrible aunt to my older nieces and nephews.  I finally got around to making her a hat for her 13th birthday.  I'm pretty happy with how it came out.  My model here is my 7 year old. He wasn't happy about this.  I promised I wouldn't show it to anyone, but... well... I'm nothing if not a terrible parent :).

BTW, I totally love this color of orange.  It's just a touch pinkish.  Very pretty in real life, and very hard to photograph. I'm also modeling it.  You'll probably never see my face more than this... I really hate having my picture taken :)

Itsy Bitsy Monsters

I made these for a friend whose twins were born at 23 weeks.  I should have taken a picture of them in my hand... they're about the size of my palm.  I just about died of squee while I was making them!