Saturday, July 17, 2010

SCUBA longies

I'm not loving working on these. I'm so not an embroiderist. (Is that even a word?) But I'm totally loving how they're coming out. Much cuter than I'd feared. I'm sorry this has taken so long mama! Our house has been CRAZY for the last little bit. And even though I'm usually very please with the results, I'm always intimidated by an embroidery project. Guess I just need to get over that!

The front of these has the little girlie scuba diver, and the back has the little crab on the bum. I'm still "doodling" on the back. I find it's much like doodling with a pencil, except it's more frustrating when I don't like it (not easily erased) and not as easy to create what I envision. You know, I'd probably be smart to actually doodle things out on paper before I embroider them... but somehow it never works out that way. *sigh*

Just got some action shots from the mama. What a cute girl! I love getting pics of kids wearing my stuff. They make even better models than my nieces and nephews!

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Trent and Michelle said...

I think they turned out super cute Marci! Love the crab!