Monday, February 24, 2014

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

This is the super yummiest yarn I have ever worked with! It's squishy and soft and the colors are oh so lovely!  The colorway is by Dashing Dachs, called Stallions. So pretty!! I had to send this off before I could get my usual photographer to take pics, so these are my untalented phone pics.  They do not do justice to the colors.  I tried these on Jonah and they fit him perfectly, but it was naptime, and he was NOT cooperative, so I didn't get any pictures of him modeling.  When I tried the hat on him, he immediately went to the family room and dug out Toy Story so he could watch Woody in costume!  So cute <3 .="" p="">


Veronika said...

Gorgeous! Your imagination and skills are just amazing.

Marmalade Baby said...

Thank you!

Marmalade Baby said...
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