Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Skullies and Caterpillars

 This mama is going to be sending the caterpillar shorties back to get them lengthened into longies. That is a service I offer for the price of shipping on any longies or shorties as long as the rise still fits.

I lost my skullie pattern and had to re-draw it.  I think it came out pretty good, if just a little big.  The bow tie was a suggestion from my knitting group.  I think they were right :).

I used two different yarns to get the green for the caterpillar.  One was a Cascade 220 wool, the other I can't remember, but it's a baby alpaca lace weight.  I really love how it came out.  And fortunately, I have enough to make a pair for my little guy!

Here's the boy I made the for modeling them.  What a CUTIE!!! I'm jealous of those curls... kinda regretting cutting Jonah's off.


teresachinnock said...

So love these!!!! Are the patterns available or do you just sell the finished item? Really cute, especially the skull, the bow does really finish it well and a pink one on top of the skull to the right for a girl would be oh so cute!!

Marmalade Baby said...

Thank you! I haven't written the pattern for these YET. I'm working on it, and it'll definitely be posted on my blog when they are available. I do most of my items as custom orders, so if you'd like one, please email me or contact me through my Etsy store. I actually have several custom slots open right now. Also, if you go to the side bar and click on "skullies" you'll find a plethora of girlie skullies with just what you describe :). Thanks for looking!