Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hallie's Slouchy Hat

My niece's favorite colors are orange and turquoise.  Together, for preference.  She's been asking for a hat for years. I'm such a terrible aunt to my older nieces and nephews.  I finally got around to making her a hat for her 13th birthday.  I'm pretty happy with how it came out.  My model here is my 7 year old. He wasn't happy about this.  I promised I wouldn't show it to anyone, but... well... I'm nothing if not a terrible parent :).

BTW, I totally love this color of orange.  It's just a touch pinkish.  Very pretty in real life, and very hard to photograph. I'm also modeling it.  You'll probably never see my face more than this... I really hate having my picture taken :)


teresachinnock said...

Lol you can tell your little one wasn't amused!! Great hat, wish I could knit half as good!!

Marmalade Baby said...

No he sure wasn't! It's really funny because he's my boy how LOVES dress-ups! He's very rarely himself as he's always dressed up as someone else. I guess dressing girly is just taking it a little too far for him :D