Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sushi and Elmo

 These sushi longies turned out TOTALLY different from what I thought they would. Just goes to show, sometimes things really do have a life of their own.  They were going to have just a row of sushi on the bum, but then I came across some really cute cartoon sushi, and I couldn't resist the inspiration!  These made me giggle as I was making them :). They're made from mostly Berroco Ultra Alpaca, but the green, orange, black and white are either Cascade 220 or Plymouth Galway

.Is there really anything to say about Elmo? Every kid who's seen them so far has wanted to wear them. Both of my boys took turns "trying them on" and my niece wouldn't take them off. She really likes longies. I went to my sister's to have her take some pictures for me and Addy modeled my peace sign longies, but really, as soon as I walked in the door she only had eyes for Elmo.  The white outside the black does NOT show as much in real life.

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