Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I actually love these so much that I really don't want to send them off. Just the colors make me want to keep them! The peace sign is knit in bulky Gaia in the Talulah colorway by Lollytree Yarns. I only had a little scrap of it that Mrs Lollytree sent me along with some adorable stitch markers and some white Cestari that I used to make the Hello Kitty shorties. I love this colorway so much that I really MUST get some for my own use. Seriously, I think I need a hat and scarf for myself out of it. Not only is the colorway scrumptious, the yarn is so soft and squishy!

I started the legs with totally different colors and decided I didn't like it at all. They needed to match the Talulah better. So I ripped them out and went through my scraps again and tried to match the colors as closely as possible. The burgundy color is one I dyed myself and apparently didn't set it well enough because it bled on the blue and yellow (curses!). I tried to get it out, hoping my trick from the Lost in the Woods longies would work, but alas, that was a one time deal. In the process of trying to get out the dye transfer, the longies felted a little so I was afraid that changing those few stripes would be impossible and I'd have to knit them all over again. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. It's pretty hard to tell which stripes I re-knit now unless you know what you're looking for, and that' s just fine with me!

For the stripes on the legs, I used a random stripe generator on Biscuits and Jam.com. Coolest knitting tool EVER.

Details of remaining color transfer. GRR!!! Must remember to lanolize with vinegar.

Here's the little girl who ended up with them. I wanna squish her cheeks. I seriously gotta get me a little gir!!!

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