Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lost in the Woods *FINISHED!*

These started out as a beautiful pair of longies, lovingly embroidered. And then I washed them.  The yarn I embroidered with is 100% wool but not a brand I knit with. It's an embroidery wool that comes in tiny skeins so you don't have to buy a whole bunch of yarn you're never going to use up. I had no idea it wasn't colorfast!  I have a picture somewhere of the stain that happened on the front of the pants, but I'm not sure I want to post it. It was a very traumatic thing for me. There was a huge shadow of a tree on the front from having been turned inside out during lanolizing. It looked like a big pooh stain! SOOOO not pretty! I was sure they were completely ruined!

I got a lot of advice from other mamas on how to get the stain out, and I tried the most popular suggestion, which was to wash it in Dawn dish detergent. So I did, but I think I used too much and couldn't get all the soap out! Actually, I washed it several times in the Dawn, but still wasn't happy with the stain removal process. Finally, I figured there wasn't much more I could do to ruin them, so I put them in my front load washer on gentle and just ran it through the cycle to get the Dawn out. IT WORKED! sort of. The stain came out almost completely (you have to look REALLY close and know what you're looking for) but they had felted a little bit! Now I was afraid it wouldn't fit the girl it was made for! I still haven't seen pics of it on, so I'm just taking the mama's word for it that it does indeed fit. I stretched it and stretched it to make it fit the measurements the mama gave me and finally succeeded.  But I was still really nervous about it. I decided to try it on my 2 year old niece to see how it would look, and whadyaknow! It totally fit! She's probably a little smaller than the girl it's intended for. My niece is VERY petite, but it fit her so well that I wasn't afraid it wouldn't fit the intended anymore so I sent it out, and mama says she's happy with it, so that's the happy ending of the near tragedy of the Lost in the Woods longies. I'm still very traumatized by it.

Yay! They really DO fit! Mama Jennifer just posted these pics for me. I swear, her little girls (she's got three) are about the cutest little munchkins I've ever seen! I'm gonna have to start making her stuff just so her little girls can model them for me! Check it out!

And yes, mama did have that hoodie made to match by this mama here. So freakin' cute! Now I need a girl... or maybe just to spend more time with and make more stuff for my nieces... yeah... that's it lol!

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