Friday, November 27, 2009

Alpaca Monster Soaker

On "what not to crochet" they often post cute things for babies and then remind the people viewing them who are fawning over them that someday they're going to want their children to take care of them, and the children might be less disposed to want to take care of mum and dad if they've dressed the children in cutesy things that might someday embarrass them. I'm pretty sure these monster pants (along with my monkey pants and several other things I've made) would turn up on that list. I say, bring it! I'm highly amused by their website (I've spent hours rolling on the floor of the computer room laughing at some of the stuff that's been posted there) but I have to disagree with their assessment of what will make kids mad when they grow up. I can't think that if my parents had dressed me in monkey or monster pants that I would be embarrassed by it when I grew up. I think I might just see if I could make a pair for myself! In fact, maybe it's time for some adult monster pants!.... or maybe not :). All I know is that my 4 year old wants them to be his. Every time I make a new pair of pants with something silly on the bum, he asks if they're for him and he's very disappointed when they're not. Maybe I'll have to take a little hiatus from making stuff for other people and make some stuff for my own children. Then I can continue to enjoy my own creations by watching the two little people that I love most being happy in them. Hey, maybe I can even make Anson a Spiderman sweater so he'll finally take off the Spiderman pj's he's been wearing for a month now! Hmm... now I've got to go get designing.

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