Monday, October 5, 2009

Classic Fit or Wide leg???

I've got the cutest little monkey in the world! I now wish I'd had my sister take pics that included his face so everyone can see what a cute baby I made :). The model in these pics is my little boy Lucas. He's quite a character. He doesn't stand still for more than about 5 seconds at a time. I guess that's pretty typical of a 2 year old, but he really is very VERY busy, and pretty hard to catch. I have many more pics of his big brother Anson than I do of him because I can't get him to stand still for long enough for the picture not to be blurry! I think we lucked out getting what we did for this blog!

When I finished the monkey pants, I absolutely had to see how they would look on. I thought they would be too short for Lucas, but obviously, I was wrong! Not only would he not stand still for a pic, he was extremely difficult to catch to get them off of him again!!! He was so funny! He did this funny little dance that made the pant legs swing around and brush his little legs... he was a tiny, tow-headed Elvis. When I finally got them off of Lucas, Anson decided he wanted to try them on too. It was heartbreaking to try to make him understand that he was just too big for them. So now I HAVE to make them for my boys!

I have to say I'm really glad that I figured out how to do wide legs. Not that it was difficult... it's basically just an inside-out or backward gusset. I love the way both fits look, but I think the wide-leg is a little more manly and boogie friendly. I would recommend them if your toddler really loves to dance :)

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