Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Stuff in my Etsy Shop

It's very strange for me to have no custom orders floating around.  I've been working on some really cute stuff for friends and family that I'll be posting shortly, but until then, enjoy the few things I've made and put in my shop!  I've changed the eyes on the owlie skirty.  I like these better.  I also like the way I did the eyelashes, and may change the way I do them on monster bums too.  Also, I really like the dark sock monkeys.  I'm tempted to keep the shorties for my little guy.  If they don't sell before the weather starts to cool down, I think I'll take them down and keep them for myself.  Yes, I do smile at my baby's bum wandering around my house decorated by the monsters and monkeys I've made for him and for my nephews who've lent them back to me.  Enjoy!  All of these are made with 100% wool except for the owlie skirty which is alpaca wool blend, and all are size medium large fitting from about 12-24 months.



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