Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It's been quite a while since I've posted anything. Shame on me! We've had a new baby (okay... he just turned one) we moved to a new city (all right... 7 months ago) and we've all been sick all winter. Those are okay excuses to not have posted anything, right? Okay I know. No excuse. I actually have done many projects, but I haven't been able to get pictures of all of them before I sent them off or gave them away. I'll do my best to catch up. We'll start with some hats that went to Canada a few weeks ago. These are all my own pattern except the Koala hat which was bought at the request of the mama who ordered the hats. I love love LOVE how soft the yarn is that I used for the Koala hat. The owls are made with my favorite Berroco Ultra Alpaca with trims in whatever, and the monster is Cestari. Enjoy! By the way, I LOVE the eyes on that little girlie owl. I'll definitely be using those again!

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