Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Giving Tree

What is there to say about this one? Lots actually! I tried a new way of making the waistband, with a picot edge on top and a drawstring threaded through a tunnel instead of through eyelets. I totally love the look. I'll definitely have to try it again!

I actually knitted this one twice. The first time, it was too narrow, so I pulled it most of the way out, at which point I realized that I'd misplaced my pattern, so I had to draw it again. Curse. Fortunately, it wasn't difficult to knit. I'm not entirely satisfied with the girl, but I guess I just have to keep trying to accept that yarn is not as easy to sketch with as a pencil, and it's just not going to work exactly how I want it to. I'm thinking of trying needle felting sometime soon to see if I can get the detail I want.

I was going to add an apple on the bum, but the skirt is long enough that no one would ever see it, so why do it? :). I'm thinking maybe I'll still add it before I send it off... we'll see.

The darker green on this is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, again, my favorite yarn. The color is discontinued but I found a place that has at least a bag of it (bags usually come with 10 skeins) and since I've already used it for two (make that three if you count the hat on the gnome I just did) soakers, so it might be worth it to try to stock up. My pocketbook will have to give it some thought.

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