Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scrappy Soaker

I'm thinking maybe I should add these to my repertoire on Etsy? I could get rid of some of my stash that way, and they're fun to make since I'm changing yarns and stitch patterns every few rows. Much more interesting than something that goes on and on in the same color forever. Although, I really haven't made anything like that except the tops I made to go along with some monkey skirties I made for a photographer around Christmas time. My sister has asked whether I get sick of doing stripes. Not really. At least there's some change and it's easy to keep track of progress. You only have to measure one stripe to know how far you've gone, so if you misplace your tape-measure (or your 3 year old absconds with it) halfway into the legs of your latest soaker, you know exactly how long it is, and that's very convenient :)

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I LOVE these! We don't really do soakers much though, would you be up to doing them as custom shorties next summer? I would TOTALLY love that!! If so can you email me? sgoetsch at cox dot net (no spaces) Thanks!!